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You are here because you are looking to protect your privacy online and want to save some bucks doing it. A really smart move. Well you are at the right place. PropXPN coupon codes will help you save BIG on one of the most secure and the reliable VPN services online. Most of you must be familiar with the concept of VPN but some of us are not so tech-savvy so let me help you get familiar with the term VPN.

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Proxpn VPN Price

VPN – Virtual Private Network, is a network that helps you connect with internet in a secure manner. Generally when you connect to the internet, there is no encryption and every one with a little knowledge of computers and networking can monitor your activities. The cyber criminals can sniff your data that includes usernames and passwords, banking details, your social security number etc. Even your location can be traced out using your IP.

VPN creates a secure tunnel for you to connect with the other devices. How? Well VPN encrypts the data when it leaves your device, so if there is a third party out there, looking to sniff your data, they won’t be able to do it because the VPN has encrypted it. Only your device is able to decrypt the data hence cyber risks are minimized. No one, even your government or ISP (internet service provider) is able to monitor your online activities.

Now you must be thinking why should I buy ProXPN when there are a lot of free VPN’s out there? Well, the market is saturated with a lot of VPN software but when it comes to performance only few of them stand out and ProXPN tops that list. The premium version of ProXPN is lightning fast, secure and comes with a lot of perks that will build a fort of protection around you. Your security will be virtually invincible.

Proxpn VPN features

ProXPN: Free Version
ProXPN also has a free version for basic users. It comes with all the basic functionalities you need to be anonymous on the web. Here are some functionalities that users of free version of ProXPN will be getting:

  • Open VPN connectivity
  • IP Anonymity
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Limited Browsing speed
  • Data Encryption while browsing

ProXPN: Premium Version

If you are a basic user, who just surfs the internet free version is sufficient but if you want to add an extra layer of security, ProXPN offers its premium services at unbelievable prices. For just a small fee of $6.25/month (if you buy annual plan) you will get all the features of the free version plus

  • Unlimited speed
  • PPTP connectivity
  • Torrenting
  • Access to worldwide VPN servers
  • Support for mobile devices – Android and iOS
  • Excellent Customer Support

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ProXPN provides you with three amazing plans. You can avail the premium service for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

The Pricing Plans:

Get ProXPN for 3 months just for $29.95. But if you get the 6 month subscription you will get a discount of 17% which means 6-month subscription comes only for a small fee of $49.95. If you are not impressed, well get ready because the annual subscription comes with an insane 37% discount. You only have to pay $74.95 once a year to secure your privacy from government, agencies, hackers, scammers and all types of cyber criminals.

Have a look at the features and pricing once again.

Here are the price plans and remember, they are still without the magical ProXPN coupon codes.

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So folks, with the daily discovery of new ways of stealing data and the staggering number of cyber criminals, there is an overwhelming need for security. ProXPN will be a reliable guard for you in this insecure cyber space of today.